[Best Sales] ZERO FIGHTER A6M5 at (Bazaar)

[Best Sales] ZERO FIGHTER A6M5 at (Bazaar)

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[Best Sales] ZERO FIGHTER A6M5 at (Bazaar)

Design Description:

The legendary Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A6M5 Zero, Baby! The T-Shirt saying "ZERO FIGHTER" in Japanese kanji. The ZERO was a carrier-based fighter aircraft, but also frequently used as a land-based fighter. At early WW II, the Zero achieved outstanding kill ratio of 12 to 1. But by mid WW II, the Zero became less effective against Allies newer fighters. Although the Zero was outdated by late WW II, it continued to serve as a font line fighter until the end of the war.

You know who you are. Wear this t-shirt and stop pretending you are not a Zero fan!

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